GABOMETER Flexometer  Fatigue Tester

GABOMETER® Flexometer / Fatigue Tester




Dynamic Testing Systems and Flexometer for high forces 

The GABOMETER® series consist of 2 testing systems with maximum forces up to 2000 N and
4000 N.

This universal Flexometer can be used as Goodrich Flexometer for Heat Build-up tests with temperature measurements at 30 Hz within the centre of a sample (option). 

Optionally GABOMETER® systems can be upgraded for Fatigue tests in tension, compression and shear mode. Simultaneously, visco-elastic properties like E’, E’’, E* and tan delta can be determined (option). Samples and components can be tested within a frequency range from 0.01 Hz up to 100 Hz. 

The GABOMETER® series is in accordance to the following international standards: DIN 53 533, ASTM D 623, ISO 4666/3, ISO 4666/4, BS 903 part A50 and
JIS K 6265.


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